Career Alternatives for Educators Outside the Classroom

Career Alternatives for Educators Outside the Classroom

Educators have a wealth of career options available to them beyond the traditional confines of the classroom environment. From managing educational facilities and operations to marketing and consulting, the career opportunities for educators are diverse and abundant. Below, we'll explore some of these potential career paths along with their key benefits.

Educational Facility Management

Managers of educational facilities face the challenging yet rewarding responsibility of ensuring events, programs, and activities all run in an efficient and compliant manner. This includes managing staff, projecting budgets, maintaining facilities, and complying with regulations. It is a role best suited for those with a strong sense of organizational skills, an eye for detail, and the ability to take initiative. Working in this field is an ideal way to use your existing knowledge and experiences to positively contribute and make a lasting impact.

Instructional Design & Technology

Instructional Design & Technology combines industry best-practices with cutting-edge technology to create engaging and effective learning experiences. This is the perfect fit for educators looking to stay connected to the field with a fresh challenge. You will be responsible for creating learning plans, designing visuals, using multimedia, and crafting implementation strategies. This is an ideal role for someone who is comfortable in both the digital and educational realms.

Educational Marketing & Consulting

Educators are perfectly placed to use their expertise in marketing and consulting roles, utilizing their knowledge to effectively promote services and products to target audiences. This may include market research, strategy development, client relations, or overseeing campaigns. This is a complex and rewarding role, ideal for those who enjoy challenges and possess a unique set of skills. It's also a great way to break into the business world for those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Human Resources

Human Resources is the perfect role for educators who are adept at understanding the needs of a wide variety of people. You will be responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and maintaining work cultures and environments that are conducive to productivity and success. A strong understanding of interpersonal dynamics and good communication are key for this role; but with this comes a level of autonomy and organizational flexibility that makes it a great choice for educators looking to transition to something new.

Curriculum Design & Curriculum Management

Educators have a unique ability to bring innovative and inspiring curriculums to life. With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of what motivates learners, curriculum designers and curriculum managers are able to hone in on what works best for students. As curriculum projects become increasingly complex, educational organizations are embracing the need to have these two roles working in tandem to help develop policies and standards that are meaningful, effective, and motivating.

Research & Development

Research and development is the perfect role for those who have a passion for problem-solving and innovation. In this role, you will be responsible for researching the latest educational trends, developing new ideas and strategies, and managing projects to ensure their success. Creative thinking and the ability to think outside the box are key traits for this position; so those who thrive on pushing boundaries are the ideal candidates.


These are just a few of the many career alternatives available for educators outside the traditional classroom environment. By taking on a new role, educators can bring their expertise to a broader range of settings while helping to shape the future of education. With the right attitude and skills, educators can transition into rewarding and impactful roles that can take their career to the next level.

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