Career Opportunities and Salaries for History Majors

Career Opportunities and Salaries for History Majors

For many students, a career path in History, where they can engage in research and exploration of the past, is attractive. With a degree in History, you can pursue a variety of careers with competitive salaries. In this article, we'll explore some of the top opportunities and salaries available to History majors.

Career Opportunities for Historical Majors

History majors have a variety of career opportunities available to them. Popular employment opportunities include working as a research historian, curator for a museum, librarian, archivist, professor or educational instruction, publication editor, museum technician, and digital marketing specialist. With the right skills and experience, you can even pursue a career as a lawyer, journalist, or diplomat. Additionally, History majors fare well with competitive salaries, many earning salaries above $50 000 annually.

Research Historian

Research Historians specialize in conducting research and analyzing historical facts. They are frequently employed by many organizations, from libraries, to archival centers, to consulting firms. Common duties include organizing and cataloging artifacts, compiling records, and writing reports. Research Historiand work closely with museums and universities and typically earn a salary between $50 000 and $80 000 annually.


Curators are available for many different types of museums, galleries, libraries, and other organizations. They are responsible for overseeing the collections, exhibitions, and research efforts at the museum. This job requires an understanding of cultural history and expertise in collections, research, and curation. Curators have an average salary of around $53 000.


Librarians manage and oversee library services, collections, and research activities. They must have a deep understanding of different types of literature, websites, and databases. Typical duties include creating acquisition plans, cataloging materials, and helping to ensure the library remains up-to-date and organized. The average salary for librarians is around $54 000.


Archivists are responsible for preserving and documenting the museum's archives. They must be knowledgeable about many different types of materials, particularly when it comes to historical artifacts. Typical duties include cataloging historical items, preserving them, and conducting research. Archivists typically earn an average salary of $50 000 - $60 000 annually.

Professor or Educational Instruction

History instructors provide students with an in-depth understanding of different areas of history. Depending on the needs of the institution or organization, a History instructor may lecture, teach, or provide educational tours. History instructors are typically khired on a home-based basis freelance basis, though they can occasionally find full-time positions. Instructors typically earn a salary between $45 000 and $75 000.

Publication Editor

Publication Editors oversee a wide variety of publications, such as books, magazines, websites, and other multimedia materials. They are responsible for selecting the materials, organizing content, and ensuring the accuracy of all facts and information. Publication Editors usually earn an average of $56 000 annually.

Museum Technician

Museum Technicians are responsible for organizing and preserving the museum's collections and artifacts. They may be involved in research, preparing documents, or even assisting with curation projects. They also have the ability to work with many different types of materials. Museum Technicians typically earn an average salary of $45 000 - $55 000 annually.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing specialists are highly sought after in the museum and archival field. They must be able to create marketing campaigns, manage websites, and leverage social media platforms to attract and engage visitors. Digital marketing specialists typically earn an average salary between $45 000 and $90 000.


History majors have a wealth of career opportunities available to them. From research historians to curators to digital marketing specialists, these majors have a variety of positions available with competitive salaries. With the right skill set, you can pursue a career in History and make a lasting impact.

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