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Designing a Memorable Resume Header

The header of a resume is important – after all, it’s the first thing potential employers will see when they open your application. A great resume header should succinctly capture your qualifications and experience, helping you stand out from the crowd. Read on to discover our top tips for designing a memorable resume header.

Choose a Professional Font

When creating your resume header, the font should be professional and legible. Avoid overly ornate fonts, and go for something that displays your personality without distracting from the content of your resume itself. Commonly used fonts in resume headers are Georgia and Times New Roman.

Include Your Name

Your resume header should include your full name, so employers can easily identify you and what kind of job you’re applying for. You may also opt to include your title, such as “Software Engineer”. Make sure to use the same font and size as your resume, to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Keep it Concise

When designing your resume header, make sure the font size isn’t too small to be legible. A font size of 10-14 is generally a good choice. You also want your header to only contain the necessary information. Adding visuals or graphical elements can be distracting and may hinder access to employers with disability.

Utilize Whitespace

Using whitespace effectively in your header can help make it stand out. When properly utilized, whitespace can draw attention to your resume header, making it easier to read while helping it stand out from the rest of your application. To create the best design, use margins to add an airy look.

Add a Professional Photo

Unlike other parts of your resume, you may opt to include a professional photograph in your header. Just make sure that your image is appropriate for the job – for example, a business headshot may be appropriate for a corporate job, while a more relaxed image may be acceptable for a creative job.

Test the Layout

When creating your resume header, always review the layout on multiple different devices. For instance, if an employer views your resume on their mobile device, your header may look slightly different due to differences in screen size and resolution. Make sure your resume header looks consistent and professional across all devices.


These tips should help you create a memorable resume header that will help you stand out from the rest. Follow the best practices above to ensure your professional presentation and boost your chances of landing the job.

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