Email Etiquette in the Modern Workplace

Making a Good First Impression

In the modern workplace, being able to compose an effective email is essential. Making a good first impression with your emails is key. When communicating through emails, pay special attention to the tone and ensure you are using professional language at all times. Maintain etiquette; don't be too casual and try to avoid too many abbreviations. By displaying your best email practices right from the start, it can be a huge help towards forming good relationships with your coworkers.

Being Discreet and Careful

It's important to be mindful of the content of your emails, and to take care to ensure you are does not risk compromising confidential information. Be respectful, appropriate, and professional when sending emails, and remember, anything you write with the intent to send can potentially circulate to a wide audience.

Attachments and Formatting

When sending attachments, make sure to clearly state what the email is about and ensure the filename is meaningful. Make sure the file size is reasonable and, if necessary, compress the attachment. Before sending an email, double-check the format is clearly readable, including layout, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Responding Quickly and Effectively

Responding promptly and effectively is essential for creating good relationships in the workplace. Aim to keep emails short and ensure the content is relevant. Avoid conversational style emails, use clear subject lines, and indicate when accompanying attachments are available.

Avoiding Toxicity

In the workplace, it is important to avoid any emails that are toxic or disrespectful. Do not send emails when angry, and focus on sending professional, polite, and respectful emails to avoid any conflict or misunderstanding.


When addressing others in emails, it is important to avoid gender bias. Avoid language such as gentleman, chairman, or fireman. Use gender neutral terms such as chairperson, firefighter, customer service representative, and so on.


When sending emails in the workplace, it is important to proofread your emails before you hit 'send'. Make sure all of the information is correct, that you have included all relevant attachments, and that you've addressed the email to the correct person.


Email etiquette is an important part of the modern workplace. Following best practices goes a long way in creating effective communication and forming good relationships with your colleagues. By taking the time to compose professional emails, avoid conflicts, and be respectful, you can ensure you always make a good impression in the workplace.

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