The Art of Salary Negotiation

The Art of Salary Negotiation

Introduction To Salary Negotiations

Salary negotiation is the process of discussing an employee's salary or benefits package with an employer. Through effective negotiation, employees can negotiate a salary package which is fair and reflects their value to the company. Benefits such as vacation time, health insurance, and bonuses may also be subject to negotiation. Successful salary negotiations require preparation, knowledge, and the ability to stand your ground.

How to Prepare For Negotiations

Before committing to salary negotiations, you should understand the local market and industry standards. Make sure you know the average salary for your particular role as well as current salary trends. It is important to research the company in which you are negotiating, as some organizations may have restrictive policies regarding salaries. Additionally, you should research the background of the person with whom you will be negotiating. Knowing the company and the negotiator's background will help you better prepare for the negotiation itself.

Establishing the Value of Your Work

Paying yourself what you are worth requires confidence and the ability to sell yourself. You should be able to confidently communicate what makes you unique and worthy of a higher salary. Demonstrate your value to the organization, emphasizing the benefits you bring to the team. It may help to have letters of recommendation, work samples, and other evidence ready to support your claims.

Adopting an Appropriate Negotiation Style

Choose a negotiation strategy which is both effective and professional. Be prepared to listen and compromise; the other party may approach the negotiation with different expectations. Speak confidently and clearly present the value in your work. It is important to remain polite and cordial while discussing the salary figure and reserve any hard bargaining for the moments when your position is most vulnerable.


Salary negotiations can be a daunting process, especially for those new to the process. However, understanding the value they bring to an organization, remaining open to negotiation, and properly presenting the value of their work can greatly increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Above all, be prepared and keep a cool head during the negotiation process.

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