The Debate Over Adding a Picture to Your Resume

The Debate Over Adding a Picture to Your Resume

Why You Might Consider Adding a Picture

Adding a picture to your resume could be a great way to make a lasting impression on a recruiter or employer. Not only does it give them an instant visual representation of who you are and what you look like, but it can also provide a more personal touch to the resume. Picture of yourself can also help showcase your personal brand, which can distinguish you from competitors.

Potential Downsides to Adding a Picture to Your Resume

Despite the potential benefits of adding a picture to your resume, there could also be some drawbacks depending on the industry or profession you’re applying to. In particular, pictures may be discouraged in certain fields such as in law, public policy, banking, or financial consulting. In addition, adding a picture could be seen as unprofessional in some contexts.

Best Practices for Adding a Picture to Your Resume

If you decide to add a picture to your resume, be mindful of the type of picture you use. Make sure you use a high-quality, professional picture that includes you smiling and wearing appropriate attire for the job. In addition, keep in mind that there are certain restrictions based on country and region. For example, passport-style headshots are usually only encouraged in certain countries.

When Not to Include a Picture

Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid adding a picture to your resume in the following cases: when you are applying to a position in a field where pictures are discouraged or prohibited, when you’re applying for jobs in different countries or regions where certain types of pictures are not accepted, and when you’re applying for a job that requires a formal, professional look.

Considerations for Different Types of Resumes

Given the different types of resumes out there, the rules for adding a picture may vary depending on style. For example, art-directed resumes may benefit from showcasing personal photos since it’s a creative form of self-expression. However, for traditional resumes, it’s best to keep the focus on the textual elements and avoid inserting any photographs.


In conclusion, adding a picture to a resume is a personal decision and should be done in accordance with the industry and job requirements. Be sure to follow best practices for choosing and inserting pictures, and consider the implications of adding a picture in terms of professionalism and potential legal restrictions.

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